Finance Loans, Credit Payment Plans and Financing for your Cosmetic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Are looking for cosmetic surgery payment plans, cosmetic surgery financing, or cosmetic surgery loans?

In Australia, under new AHPRA rules (the governing body that sets what medical practices can and cannot do), medical practices cannot offer finance, payment plans or cosmetic surgery loans.

What’s our advice?

  • Our accepted payment methods include cash, EFT transfer and all credit cards. (not Diners Club)
  • We charge a credit card fee for all cosmetic surgery payments.
  • Some people source funds through personal loans for cosmetic surgery or cosmetic surgery payment plans through various companies.
  • If you wish to source funds, cosmetic surgery financing or look for cosmetic surgery payment plans, you can use Google to assist, or we can give you the names of some other medical loan companies who may be able to assist you.

Dr Edinburg and The Eden Institute have no financial interest in any of these companies that fund cosmetic loans. We will try and guide our patients as to which directions they can go in, however you will need to contact them, speak with them, and do your own research about whether they are appropriate for your situation.