Laser Skin Rejuvenation Cost

Laser is available at our Eden Medispa, run in conjunction with our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mark Edinburg. Our Sciton laser is medical-grade, which means that it can only be utilised in a medical setting. The Sciton has many unique features, making it one of the world’s leading brands used by medical clinics internationally. You will not find this brand or quality in a non-medical clinic or salon. 


How much does laser skin rejuvenation cost?

Below is a list of skin concerns you may have and which lasers may be suitable for treatment. Prices are a guide only.

BBL (Broad Band Light) – Treats pigmentation, age spots, broken capillaries, small veins and acne. There is little to no downtime with this treatment. For some treatments a Medicare rebate may be applicable for part of your treatment cost. Multiple treatments are usually required.

Single spot treatment - $220

Nose, Cheeks, Chin - $360

Full face - $490

Neck - $300

Face and Neck - $750

Décolletage/Chest - $490

Hands - $290

Arms - $390 - $490

See Our Cosmetic Surgery Payment Options

Other areas such as your back and legs may also be treated and prices will be tailored to your needs during your consultation.

BBL SkinTyte - Uses infrared laser to heat deeper tissues of the skin to give a tightening and lifting effect. 3 treatments are required to give you optimal results.

Full face and Neck - $750

Other areas of the body may also be treated such as loose skin on tummy and prices will be quoted for these specialised areas at time of consultation.

Profractional laser – This laser, also known as fractionated or Profrac, is an ablative laser that creates microchannels in the skin to promote healing and collagen and elastin stimulation. This laser is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles. It also is able to improve acne and post-surgical scars. There is 2 – 5 days downtime with this treatment depending on the depth of laser used. Again, your treatment plan will be customised to your needs and the expected downtimes and outcomes will be planned between yourself and our nurse. Multiple treatments may be required.

Full Face - $1000 - $2500

Neck - $750

Microlaser peel – This is an ablative treatment that removes a complete layer of skin using the laser. This can be used alone or combined in areas with the Profractional laser to treat deeper lines and wrinkles. It will also help remove pigmentation and age spots. Prices for this type of laser are specifically tailored to each patient depending on depth and desired needs. During your consultation our nurse will advised you of pricing for your treatment which usually starts at around $500 for small areas such as mouth lines or forehead lines, to approx. $2000 for full face deeper peels.

Please note for laser treatments skin preparation may be required to minimise risks of unwanted side effects or to maximise results. If you have a more olive or darker skin tone this will more than likely be the case. As our Registered Nurse is performing the laser treatments she will always ensure you are prepared well and the best possible results are achieved.

Not all skin laser rejuvenation costs are equal, as not all laser or treatments or treatment plans are equal. At Eden Institute, we are proud to offer our high standards for your treatments.

We will always provide you with a specialist consultation before embarking on a treatment plan for you, so that we can offer the most suitable treatment for you. If you would like to read a more detailed explanation of each of our laser treatments please refer to our Laser treatments page and Laser FAQ page.