What is Medical Grade Microdermabrasion?

If you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin or hyperpigmentation, you might be a good candidate for Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion. This in-depth renewal treatment helps stimulate collagen production and cell turnover. At The Eden Institute, we use a medical grade and can combine with other highly effective treatments to work out the best [plan for your skin. Our specialist team is here to answer any questions you might have, from ‘how does Microdermabrasion work’ to ‘what is Microdermabrasion’. Below, find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions around Microdermabrasion.

A Medical-grade Microdermabrasion treatment takes 45 minutes and is conducted by our one of our registered Cosmetic Nurses. We may recommend you combine Microdermabrasion with advanced anti-ageing medical-grade skincare for optimum results.

Because it’s quick and non-invasive, Microdermabrasion doesn’t disrupt your normal daily activities. While your face may be slightly red, most people find they can go back to work the same day.

As with all our treatments, a personalised program will be discussed with you. Many people experience most benefit from around 3 to 6 Microdermabrasion treatments spaced a fortnight or so apart, with some a follow-up treatments now and again helping to maintain the effect. Your specialist Cosmetic Nurse may suggest a combination of therapies to address your individual skin concerns including medical grade skin peelslaser rejuvenation or cosmetic injections.

This is because your skin may require a combination of complementary treatments to obtain the best results for you. It is not the number of treatments, nor the one type of service that is the key. We know that using the most appropriate medical-grade treatments, whether solo or in combination, will allow us to effectively look after your skin. This is where our passion lies – in finding the right treatment for you!

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