Organic Blood Facial Cost

How much does an organic blood facial cost?

The organic blood facial at Eden Institute and Medispa, is similar to the Vampire facial, described in the media. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and will improve skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles and give your skin the ultimate in facial rejuvenation. Components extracted from your blood cells are injected into your skin. These release growth factors which nourish and feed the skin, stimulating cell change and growth, resulting in new collagen, elastin and healthier skin. This can also improve the appearance of mild to moderate loose skin and stretch marks.

That’s why this treatment is often referred to as soft tissue regeneration.

Areas that can be treated include face, under eyes, neck, chest, abdomen and outer thighs however almost any skin on the body can be treated also. Our personalised one-on-one consultation with our specialist cosmetic RN will help determine what is most appropriate for you.


At Eden Medispa we are in the privileged position of being a Medical Plastic Surgery clinic. This allows us to draw on a host of medical-only products and treatments not available outside a medical clinic of this nature. Our specialist and highly professional Surgeon, RN and support team will be able to assist you through the many different options available in this field.

For the best results our Organic Blood facial is recommended in a package of 3 initially, then 1 per year as a maintenance treatment. Package examples are included below as a guide. Your package can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Under eyes (1 vial) – 3 treatments $1200. Single treatment after package complete $400.

Full face (1 vial) with Dermastamp (skin needling) – 3 treatments $2070. Single treatment after package $690.

Full face (3 vials) – 3 treatments $3600. Single treatment after package $1200.

Neck (1 vial) – 3 treatments $1200. Single treatment after package $400.

Chest (2 vials) – 3 treatments $2900. Single treatment after package $960.

Hands (1vial) – 3 treatments $1200. Single treatment after package $400.

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Please use this as a general guide only. We will put together a comprehensive treatment plan for you after your initial consultation with our RN

*Prices as at September 2018.