Skin Care Sydney

Make the most of the skin you're in! Eden MediSpa's dedicated skin specialists will assess your skin and design a skincare program to bring out your skin's best. We can offer you professional strength products that give you superior results in protecting, refining, stimulating and nourishing your unique skin type.

Best Anti-ageing Skin Care Products

best anti ageing skin care eden institute medispa
At the Eden Institute MediSpa we use the medical-grade Aspect Doctor, Results Rx, SkinMedica and Colorescience ranges of skincare products, which are formulated especially for use in medical practices and in anti-ageing skincare regimes.


Skincare Products for Sun Protection

sun protection skin care eden institute
Sun protection is the single most important way to prevent premature ageing. Your best beauty treatment is broad spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, so be sure to wear a sunscreen every day.


Medical-Grade Mineral Makeup

medical grade mineral skin care eden institute
At the Eden Institute MediSpa we recommend that our patients use Medical-Grade Mineral Makeup after treatments as pure mineral makeup is crafted from high-quality natural ingredients that can be beneficial for your skin.