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Guide to Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Costs at the Eden Institute

Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a lifetime investment in your health, looks and welfare. While cost is a large factor in your decision, it is wise to choose a reputable plastic surgeon and a professional clinic for the best results and satisfaction.

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Costs

We believe it is important to be upfront about cost, so we have put together a rough guide. At Eden Institute we do not provide "off the shelf" treatment and, as such, we cannot provide "off the shelf" prices. Rather, every planned treatment or surgery is tailored to what your body needs in order to achieve your desired result. No two patients are ever the same, therefore at the Eden Institute no two surgeries are the same either.

Costs indicated below are a rough estimate only (excluding GST) and are for the surgeon only, unless otherwise indicated. Costs for all surgical procedures are calculated as per the complexity of the procedure as well as Dr Edinburg’s time. Ultimately, costs can vary according to each patient's specific surgery requirement and are to be used as a starting point only. For example, anaesthetic fees are time dependent and hospital fees are also additional. Rest assured that, after your consultation, Dr Edinburg will provide you with a total cost estimate.

Consultation Fees

Consultations are the best time for you to develop a better understanding of the procedure you are interested in, the processes involved and, of course, associated costs. It is also a time for Dr Edinburg to understand your needs and desires as well as help answer all your questions before advising on the best approach for you.

Consultations with Dr Edinburg take about 40 minutes (depending on the type of consultation required) and a referral from your local doctor is advisable but not essential for every procedure (ask us to guide you). As Dr Edinburg is a specialist, Medicare will always give you a rebate for your consultation with him, as long as you have a referral from a GP.

There is a $300 consultation fee for discussion about one procedure. You can receive a $72 rebate from Medicare with a GP referral. A $150 prepayment is required upon booking the appointment and the total balance is payable at time of consultation.

Medicare and Health Fund Rebates

Most reconstructive procedures (for example skin cancers, moles, most lesions and growths, and the majority of hand conditions) attract a Medicare rebate plus health fund benefits (if the procedure is performed in hospital).

For some cosmetic surgery procedures including Breast Reduction Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery, some Upper Eyelid Surgery, (Ear) Surgery (Otoplasty), Male Breast Reduction Surgery for the treatment of Gynaecomastia as well as a few others, Medicare item numbers with associated rebates may be applicable. Your private health insurance, if applicable, may also cover a portion of the total costs. It is a little confusing as there are many variables, so our expert and knowledgeable team at Eden will guide you regarding costs and rebates.

Please note: Medicare rebates for Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) changed in December 2015, and rebates are now limited to patients who have had significant weight loss (which is stable) and who have developed a rash in the skinfold. If these parameters do not fit your current circumstances, you will not be eligible for any rebates.

Patient Payment Plans

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Dr Edinburg or would like to find out more about our finance options at the Eden Institute, please contact us on (02) 8814 5800. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer all your enquiries.


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