The benefits of having body surgery stem much deeper than just physical improvements. Enhancing your body shape can lead to increased self-esteem and a more positive body image, which can have a positive impact on many other aspects of your life.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Sydney

tummy tuck surgery sydney eden institute
If you are concerned with abdominal fat, loose muscles and sagging skin, the Eden Institute can help you with a Tummy Tuck procedure, which reduces excess fat and skin, while tightening and flattening the anterior abdominal wall.


Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

mini tummy tuck surgery sydney eden institute
If you would just like to improve the look of your lower stomach, Dr Edinburg offers a Mini-Tummy Tuck, or Mini-Abdominoplasty, to restore firmness in the lower abdomen.


Liposuction Surgery

liposuction surgery sydney eden institute
If you would like to remove stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise, Liposuction (also known as Lipotransfer and Liposculpture) at Sydney’s Eden Institute can help.


Arm Lift Surgery

arm lift surgery sdyney eden institute
The Eden Institute offers Arm Lift Surgery to address sagging skin, remove stubborn fat and to create smoother, tighter upper arm contours and improved skin texture.


The 'Mummy Makeover'

the mummy makeover sydney eden institute
The Eden Institute offers the Mummy Makeover for mums who would like to regain their pre-birthing baby body. A combination of breast and stomach surgeries can help you to are several options for Mums when it comes to regaining your former shape.


Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery

female aesthetic genital surgery eden institute
Having large labia minora can result in painful intercourse, irritation, rashes and discomfort in tight clothing. If this is you, or you are not happy with the appearance of your labia, Dr Edinburg can perform Labiaplasty to correct this.


Cosmetic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery

cosmetic surgery after bariatric eden institute
Patients who lose a lot of weight after Bariatric Surgery may find that they have developed excess, loose or folded skin which will require additional surgery to remove and tighten.



Dr Edinburg can effectively remove your unwanted areas of accumulated fat (love handles) around the hips and thighs through precision Plastic Surgery.


Enhancing your natural body shape or correcting a part of your body that you are unhappy with will help you feel more comfortable and boost your self-confidence. Dr Edinburg, Medical Director of The Eden Institute, is an expert in understanding the individual needs of each and every patient, and will assess which surgery is most suitable for enhancing your overall body shape.

You may choose to have body surgery for a variety of reasons: to help you to achieve specific features, to create a certain ‘look’ that you are unable to acquire naturally, to target areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about, or simply to maintain a more youthful body image.

Body Surgery is also an option to consider if you have just experienced significant weight loss. Patients who have undergone weight loss procedures like Bariatric or Gastric Bypass Surgery are often left with considerable amounts of excess, sagging and draping skin. Loose, hanging skin can occur in various areas of the body including the face, stomach, arms and breasts. Procedures like Tummy Tuck Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery, Arm Lift Surgery, Liposuction, and Facelift Surgery can help to reduce fat and tighten the skin in these areas for natural-looking, slimmer contours. Due to the specialised nature of body-contouring procedures, treatments prescribed will vary from patient to patient.

If you are interested in reducing fat in localised areas but are reluctant to go under the knife, find out more about CoolSculpting® – the new medical treatment for reducing fat without surgery or downtime.