Nipple Conditions Cost

How much does nipple surgery cost in Sydney?

Nipple surgery is variable, according to patient request, and may be done in conjunction with breast enlargement, breast lift or breast reduction surgery. If any of these is the case, the surgery is done under a general anaesthetic in hospital and the surgery cost with Dr Edinburg will be supplied to you as a part of your customised quote following your consultation. The highly specific nature of nipple surgery in each instance means that we are not able to predict the nipple surgery cost component prior to your consultation.


In cases where nipple surgery is performed on its own, the surgery may be done under local anaesthetic in our operating suite at Eden Institute. An example of this is nipple reduction surgery where the nipple itself is reduced in height. Please note that this is different to an areola reduction which requires a hospital stay.

COST:  from $2,200 incl. GST - Nipple reduction surgery under local anaesthetic in rooms

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Once you have had your one-on-one consultation with Dr Edinburg, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a detailed personal estimate outlining all the costs, as well as comprehensive information and support around your planned surgery and treatment options so you are fully informed prior to making your decision.

Dr Edinburg uses the most up-to-date, specialised techniques and the team that support him at Eden Institute are all highly experienced. This means we can deliver to you the very best treatment plan and the very best treatment throughout your journey with us.

This is a general guide, and of course, will be personalised for your circumstances after you have consulted with Dr Edinburg.

*Prices effective as of September 2018