Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery (Eyebrow Lift) can help to reduce the creases in your forehead and the vertical lines between your eyebrows, improve your frown lines and elevate drooping eyelids, leaving you with a more refreshed, relaxed and youthful look.

Brow Lift Surgery (Eyebrow Lift)

Sagging of the eyebrow and forehead is one of the early signs of ageing. The brow may descend and seem to lie on the eyelashes, resulting in an appearance of excess eyelid skin. At the same time, wrinkles in the forehead or between the eyebrows begin to appear, and these can leave your eyes looking droopy. Together, these can make you appear older and may also give you a worried, angry or tired expression. Brow Lift Surgery also raises your eyebrows, often restoring them to a more youthful position. Dr Edinburg is a specialist in Brow Lift Surgery and will assess your unique needs. He may also recommend that Blow Lift Surgery is performed in conjunction with Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) or a Facelift.

Dr Edinburg also performs Male Brow Lift Surgery.

There are varying degrees of Brow Lift Surgery, ranging from a simple procedure under local anaesthetic at our practice in Baulkham Hills to procedures requiring surgery under general anaesthetic at a day hospital.

Brow Lift Surgery usually entails making incisions in the hairline above the forehead or at the temples. Once the incisions are made, any underlying excess tissue is removed, and the skin and muscles are tightened in order to leave you with a smoother-looking brow.

After surgery, your forehead may have dressings to minimize swelling and bruising. Any dressings and stitches will be removed after 7 to 10 days, and you can then resume normal activities, covering any bruising with makeup. By then, your smoother and younger-looking brow will be noticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

As procedures vary depending on your needs, Brow Lift Surgery can take anything from less than 1 hour to around 2 hours under local or general anaesthetic.

A tight feeling and headaches are possible for a few days after undergoing Brow Lift Surgery, but these can be relieved with painkillers.

You will generally fully recover in around 7 to 10 days, when swelling and bruising will subside, and you are ready to go out and about.

Most people return to work within 10 days of their Brow Lift Surgery. If you work from home and your job isn’t too physical, you may be able to resume work sooner.

The modern procedures employed by Dr Edinburg mean you will only need a few small incisions hidden in your hairline or in the natural skin creases in your forehead.

The cost of browlift surgery will depend on the method and extent of surgery. Read more about the price of the surgical procedure here.

Yes, Brow Lift Surgery can be combined with a Facelift as well as Eyelid Surgery. This is usually indicated in more mature patients. Non-surgical Wrinkle Relaxers and Wrinkle Filler Injections (Dermal Fillers) may also be indicated as part of a holistic treatment. Dr Edinburg will discuss your options and the techniques available toyou at your consultation.

This requires a skilled and experienced surgeon who can accurately determine how much of your problem is due to brow drop and how much is due to eyelid heaviness, or, if it requires correction of both. At your initial consultation Dr Edinburg will help you understand what your situation requires, and what options are best for you.

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