Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear Pinning Surgery, or Otoplasty, can bring your ears more into proportion with the rest of your face, and restore your confidence. See for yourself here what a difference it can make to your appearance.

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Few things can affect your self-esteem more than protruding and/or large ears – and this is especially so for children. Ear Pinning Surgery, or Otoplasty, can make your ears more in proportion with the rest of your face, there by helping to restore your, or your child’s, confidence. As well as 'pinning back’ protruding ears, Dr Edinburg can also perform surgery to reduce the size of large ears (Ear Reduction Surgery) or generally improve the appearance of the ear.With a variety of techniques available to treat protruding ears and reshape large ears, Dr Edinburg can tailor Ear Surgery to suit your individual concerns.

Normally performed as a simple day stay procedure, Ear Pinning Surgery involves making an incision behind the ear, and then reshaping and removing cartilage until the ear sits closer to the head.In the case of large ears, it is sometimes necessary to make an incision along the base of the ear lobe in order to reduce its size.

After Ear Surgery, your head will be bandaged to support the ears. The bandages will be removed after about a week. The visible results of ear plastic surgery for protruding ears are almost immediate, once the dressings are removed. Absorbable stitches allow for faster healing and scars are either hidden behind the ear or well hidden within the natural creases of the ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ear Surgery can be performed under general anaesthetic in hospital as a day procedure, or, in many cases, under sedation at The Eden Institute. During your consultation, Dr Edinburg, will work out with you which option best meets your needs.

Following Ear Surgery you will need to wear bandages for 7 days. It is essential that bandages remain intact and are not removed,as removal may result in a loss of some of the correction.Bruising and swelling may last for several weeks, but these are usually minimal and not visible to others. You can usually return to your normal activities (other than sporting activities) within a week. You must also wear a headband at night for 4 weeks and avoid contact sports for 6 weeks.

Ear Surgeryis generally not overtly painful. You will be prescribed pain medication to relieveany pain you may have.

Dr Edinburg has helped children as young as five.He will consider the relevant physical and psychological factors,and will consult with both you and your child to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for Ear Surgery. Children who are good candidates for Ear Surgery are:

  • Generally healthy and do not have untreated chronic ear infections
  • At least 5 years old (this is the age at which a child’s ear cartilage is usually stable enough for correction)
  • Capable of communicating their feelings and donot voice objections to surgery at consultation.

The cost of ear surgery (otoplasty) cost varies depending on the method and extent of surgery. Medicare and health fund rebates are usually applicable. Our expert team at The Eden Institute will help you with this information. You can also read more about the surgical procedure cost on "How Much does It Cost" section.

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