Ganglions Cyst Removal

At the Eden Institute, Dr Edinburg our cosmetic plastic surgeon, specialises in Ganglion Cyst Removal. This is done either by aspirating or breaking the cyst or through surgical removal.

Ganglions Cyst Removal

If you have lumps on your fingers, wrists or other parts of your body, including your knees or feet, you may suffer from ganglion cysts. These cysts typically form around a joint and they consist of clear jelly-like fluid. Ganglion cysts are harmless, but they are unsightly and may be debilitating.

With our state of the art technology, latest techniques and our commitment to patient care, we will make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ganglion and connecting tunnel or stalk needs to be carefully removed from the surrounding tissue.

Most Ganglion Cyst Removal procedures take around 40 minutes, depending on your condition.

The level of discomfort varies from patient to patient, and depends on the amount of treatment involved. While you may have some pain and swelling, this can be well controlled with painkillers.

If surgery is required, this is done in hospital as day surgery under general anaesthetic.

Depending on the size and location of your ganglion(s), recovery after Ganglion Cyst Removalnormally takes around 1 to 2 weeks.

The cost of Ganglion Cyst Removal will depend on the method and extent of surgery and will attract rebates from Medicare and Health Funds.

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