Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger Finger can be a painful, debilitating condition. But our experts at the Eden Institute can help provide relief with a quick, simple and very effective procedure.

Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger finger (also known as stenosing tenosynovitis or stenosing tenovaginosis) is a condition where your finger or thumb seems to get stuck when you try to extend it, causing pain upon being released. It usually affects the thumb, ring finger or little finger. More than one finger can be affected, and the problem may develop in both hands. Left untreated, trigger finger may progress until it is impossible to fully bend or straighten the affected finger(s).

If you suffer from trigger finger, our cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Edinburg can help, by performing Trigger Finger Surgery to release the affected tendon. Dr Edinburg will discuss the most appropriate option to relieve your condition at the time of consultation. Rest assured, we use the latest techniques to provide you with the highest level of treatment and care, and to ensure your comfort and the best possible outcome.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Done as a day surgery, trigger finger treatment involves a small incision (around 2cm long) being made in the skin to allow the tight portion of the tendon to be released.

Most trigger finger procedures take around 40 minutes.

Most treatments are done as day surgery at hospital under general anaesthetic.

Recovery after Trigger Finger Surgery normally takes around 1 to 2 weeks, during which time activity for the finger is encouraged.

Yes, after surgery, a full recovery is expected.

Cost will depend on the method and extent of surgery required. Medicare and Health Fund rebates are available for part of your surgery costs.

Interested in our Trigger Finger Hand Surgery? Contact the Eden Institute; we are conveniently located in Baulkham Hills, Chatswood and Richmond in Sydney.


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