Men Neck Lift Surgery Cost

How much does Men Neck Lift Surgery cost?

Men neck lift surgery considerations are essentially the same for both men and women, and has been included here as a separate page for completeness. The differences in the male anatomy, structure, hair growth and lifestyle, although allowing me to change my techniques and make modifications in surgery, do not affect male neck lift surgery costs.

Men Neck Lift Surgery in Sydney with Dr Edinburg is done under a general anaesthetic in hospital and, for your comfort and care, generally involves an overnight stay. Dr Edinburg also employs highly experienced and specialised practice nurses and patient support staff to guide and support you throughout your journey with us. Neck Lift surgery, therefore, involves multiple components including other medical professionals both in and out of the hospital environment, hospital theatre facilities and hospital accommodation, all of which contribute to the overall cost of the procedure.


Neck sagging is usually accompanied by sagging of the jowls or skin over the lower jaw. As such, neck lift surgery is usually incorporated into a facelift procedure because a combined procedure is the best way to correct the issue.  Please refer to our facelift (Rhytidectomy) page. In this case, the cost of the neck lift is a part of the cost of the facelift.

There are occasions when you require neck lift surgery only to address your concerns and Dr Edinburg will help you determine what type of surgery is most appropriate for your unique situation.

Cost for Men Neck Lift surgery in Sydney

from $5,500 Surgeon’s fee only

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The major variable in the cost of neck lift surgery is the hospital where you have the surgery. Dr Edinburg will not compromise on his high standards and ethical practice so he chooses to operate at well established and highly regarded private hospitals in Sydney. He demands the highest level of care for you from the moment you enter the hospital, whilst you undergo your surgery and during your postoperative care.  

Once you have had your one-on-one consultation with Dr Edinburg, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a detailed personal estimate outlining all the costs, as well as comprehensive information and support around your planned surgery and treatment options so you are fully informed prior to making your decision.

This is a general guide, and of course, will be personalised for your circumstances after you have consulted with Dr Edinburg.

*Prices effective as of September 2018